Donate - Help our warriors

This Facebook page began almost two years ago where I decided I would highlight the highs and lows of life and hope some people might ‘get it' and join in... Its now 'our' Facebook page.
Our Facebook page which has  now become a huge support network for many people and for some a real lifeline..
We have built a community of amazing crew that come together every day, helping other people in dire situations. 
To date we have worked alongside several agencies and refuges, running campaigns where we have donated funds to change the lives of the warriors they're helping. 
These have included: SAFE (Exeter), Action for children UK, The Wish Centre Blackburn, Survive Bristol, Harbour, Little Miracles Peterborough, Homegroup Buckinghamshire
The emails we receive everyday flood in and they're growing each day.
Right now I continue to support charities & Domestic abuse services all over the country to help get more warriors into refuge and get the ones that are currently in Refuge out and into new homes, safely. 
The stories I hear and the pictures I see make me know that this is something affecting us daily that we need to keep fighting for. 
On top of that I am being asked to campaign for bullying charities and am predominately working alongside KIDSCAPE UK to raise more awareness within our babies schools so we can help make a massive change to something that right now is a huge, heartbreaking issue for our babies. 
All of this takes time, so much time, time I enjoy giving but I also recognise I need to give so much more. But on top of that, I am trying to hold down my own job to pay the bills, mum to five tiny turds, wife to PC Plod and attempt to keep my dog off anti-depressants. 
I want these organisations to be able to access funds immediately for men, women and children in their services. I want to be able to have the time to run this page more effectively so that I don't have over 20,000 emails sat in my inbox like I currently do and I don't want to continue inundating you all running campaigns every few months to raise more funds. 
To do all of this I am asking you guys to donate monthly to the page, so that we have both the time and the funds to keep it all going as it should.
I want to be able to visit these organisations, meet the people accessing them that we are helping. 
I want to go into schools and see first hand what we are doing to stamp out bullying and I want to update you all regularly with the changes we have made to make this world a better place for our children that are growing up in it.  
If you can donate, please do. You don't have to be on PayPal as you can use a debit card via the link - there’s lots of options - as little as £1 a month and I hope that if there are enough of us on board - we will ultimately start changing the lives of others. 

Thank you xx