World Book Day

 want to tell you the things I like best about World book day....
I like the fact that it’s something parents always forget. Even though we know it happens every year, even though we really hate it there’s never enough warning and when we get that school reminder it sends us over the edge. 
I love the fact whoever invented this day was absolutely fucking loaded. They gave no thought to the fact it’s always planned in the last week of the month meaning the majority of us are in our overdrafts, and we can’t sew - so the option of something ‘homemade’ is put the window meaning Asda has just eaten up £45 on my credit card in three outfits, not to mention the Snazaroo face paint off Amazon that will no doubt destroy my new carpets. 
What I particularly like this year though is five minutes after my tiny turds ripped all the tags off their new costumes and got ready their school emailed me to tell me they were closed due to the severe weather warning.... apparently Goldilocks, Fantastic Mr Fox and the Cat in the Hat are spending the day building snowmen and watching films at home....
Yey 😩😩😩😩😩

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