Rescue Remedy

Rescue remedy

I'm really excited about being part of this campaign.
RESCUE Remedy®️ is something that I’ve posted about using over the past few years, it’s a raffle prize I always have at my shows as its helped me so much.
I have always used the RESCUE Remedy®️ dropper and pastilles and I keep them in my handbag and car for when things just feel a little too much.
Whenever I post about these products everyone asks why I use them - and for me, they just help me feel calmer and more clear headed.
I started using rescue remedy after I had Edie and I have used these two products ever since. It was recommended to me by my health visitor, at the time I began taking it I was drowning in being a new mum but I didn’t want to take prescribed medication so she told me to try this as it has helped her. I have used rescue ever since. I pop a few drops on my tongue when I feel butterflies in my tummy or I get slightly overwhelmed with certain situations and I immediately feel better. For me, having rescue products to hand in my bag and car makes me feel more at ease and I have been shouting about them across my social media channels for years!

RESCUE®️ have sent me a box of goodies – which I’m very excited to try out. Check out their page here: @rescueremedyuk

You can take a look at their website here -💛

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