Last Night I Wrote & Published a Post Whilst I Was Crying With Anger....

Last night I wrote and published a post whilst I was crying in anger.
Josh asked me to stop, calm down and think about things for a few days before I submitted it.
I told him to get fucked and posted it anyway...
....because that’s what I do. 
I write about things that put a fire in my belly, I write about things which make my heart hurt and I write about things I know need to change.
What happened yesterday was wrong.... this day and age every authority involved should recognise what Domestic abuse is & all the forms it comes in & they should help the people being subjected to it, without question. 
But you know what yesterday’s post did.
It made people listen...because I’ve had thousands of emails from serving Police officers all over the Country thanking me for bringing awareness to something that right now they’re dealing with every day and Josh’s colleagues contacted him to offer help for what happened & to promise they would make anything that was done wrong right...
....and this week we’re meeting with a Sergeant who contacted me this morning from Devon, a Sergeant who Josh tells me fights tirelessly for people affected by Domestic abuse. Whilst I’m reassured this crime has been correctly recorded this doesn’t mean a victim has been dealt with correctly and the generic response I received from Devon & Cornwall police last night further highlighted this with their lack of insight. 
And all I can hope is lessons are now learned. I hope next time I finally convince one of my warriors to pluck up the courage to contact the police...after weeks and months of begging and promising I hope they are treated with respect & empathy. I hope they’re believed when they do find their voice, I hope they’re not belittled and I hope they leave that Police station knowing they’re supported & safe because that officer took the time to show them care & compassion.
To the thousands of officers out there now making a change to Domestic abuse and getting justice for these warriors, and I know there are so many of you, I want to say Thank you.
The work you do and the effort you put in often goes unnoticed and sometimes it seems we only focus on the bad in the media but I am also here to give recognition to the authorities who do good, because ultimately you are saving lives daily and after the inbox messages I’ve had today I know we have thousands of amazing officers across our Police forces desperate to change the lives of others. 

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  • Carmel on

    Hi Rachaele, got your book in my hands at the local library… wasn’t planning to borrow a book but had been looking for something in the DIY department while my son was in the computer. Your book made me almost cry, I held back because I was in a public place, once home I started to read little by little.
    Always asked myself where parents could get help from.
    Your blog is shooting and comforting, please continue the good work you are doing.
    Love Carmel

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