Freshpet Review

After a few weeks of owning my first dog I was worried because he drank water constantly and I convinced myself he had minutes to live so I took him to the vets....
When I got there I remember him asking me what I was feeding him. When I told him he said it would be the same as me living on a diet of nothing but chips covered in salt. When I said “Yes but he loves it & eats it within seconds” he said “and I imagine you love chips covered in salt and eat them in seconds. They’re still full of rubbish and bad for you”.
I’d bought a huge sack of the dried food I’d been feeding him because it was being advertised all over the chain of the pet shops I went to but mainly, it was appealing because it was so cheap...

After that trip to the vet it made me realise that what we feed our dogs is really important, just because they like certain food doesn’t mean it’s good for them.

Over the years I have tried to keep my dogs on the same food but Winston struggles with digesting certain foods so it can be tricky at times and after a while they get bored of certain things when there is not enough flavour or variety.

When Freshpet contacted me asking to collaborate with them to share a Freshpet review I was hesitant. I then looked them up online and saw that they have grain-free dog food options and they’ve made a promise to never add preservatives or additives to their recipes. It’s so fresh it needs to be kept refrigerated and you can actually see the ingredients in the bowl & it comes in a range of flavours.
So I agreed. They sent all the products, including all the treats they also do such as bacon rashers for us to sample, which Winston and Ethel love, it doesn’t cost the earth but better than anything - it’s good for them - and we should want to give our pups the best food possible.

You can click online here to see their full range of products and learn more. Click here [] to find a Freshpet retailer near you.

If you give them a try I hope it makes your pups as happy as mine, even Winston seems to be loving life a bit more, miracles do happen


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